Judgemental Yogi

For over a decade people have been telling me about the wonders of yoga. I believe them. But every time that I have attempted a class, the experience has been underwhelming. My mind wanders and thinks thoughts that are the exact opposite of what I should be thinking. Yoga is about going inward introspection and... Continue Reading →


Oscar Award Winning Performance

Master 11 is currently going through a very dramatic stage in his life. I just witnessed him walking into the corner of the bench, its angular corner jutting into the bottom of his rib cage. Jumping up and down he yells “OOOOWWWWW!” in an accusatory manner. He always does shit like this because he absolutely... Continue Reading →

Forensic Reality

Like many people, I am really interested in media about crime. Whether it be books, movies or television shows, I am hooked. I even did my undergrad degree in Criminology. Working as a social worker with clients that are moving in and out of the forensic system, plus having my own "lived experience" of addiction,... Continue Reading →

Authentically Abstinent

April 20th, 2018 marks 13 years clean and sober from all drugs and alcohol. I have not indulged in anything: a sip of alcohol; one puff of tobacco; dropped a pill; smoked meth snorted cocaine or puffed smack. Abstinence is not the best fit for most people. It is pretty much unattainable and sets people... Continue Reading →

Dirty Old Slut

Sitting at home, we hear the home phone ring. My son runs to answer it. Next minute I hear him saying "what is that? Our computer isn't working? You are from Telstra, and you can fix it? Do you want our credit card number?" He is smiling as he says this because he loves talking... Continue Reading →

What is Your Life Expectancy?

Every weekend I have the pleasure of having my 13 year old foster brother come to stay. He has, what they call, "complex disabilities": spina bifida; hydrocephalus; foetal alcohol syndrome; autism; ADHD; lower limb paralysis, intellectual impairment…..  The list goes on. On paper, he looks a mess. In reality, he is a little Aussie legend.... Continue Reading →

Flustered Self Care

One of my New Years Resolutions has been to be more selfish. I have a strong work ethic that borders on addiction. This compulsion to work to the death has seen me put my self-care right down the bottom of the list. I am not sure what I am trying to prove by working so... Continue Reading →


  I have conflicting feelings about the #metoo campaign. I feel excited and exhilarated; yet uncomfortable and disbelieving. And so, so cynical. It is much like the relationship I have had with feminism. If it was a relationship status on facebook it would probably be, “it’s complicated”.  If I was a teacher writing a report... Continue Reading →

Book Club

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet – William Butler Yeats I suppose you would call me a “social” person. I enjoy connecting with people and don’t find it difficult. Early on in my life, I loved parties, nightclubs and large groups. Mid-twenties, I definitely felt a shift and became to... Continue Reading →

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